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Replace Tire?

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Hi Guys,

Got a puncture pretty much on the sidewall, very close to the "crown" area... The tire guy told me it was very well recommended to switch the tire despite that it was possible to repair it but taking into consideration it might not work 100% because of the puncture's location, only time will tell...

So what do you guys think? Should a buy a brand new tire or just continue using the repaired one?

Thanks for your input as always!


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Get a new tire. Any repair close to the shoulder or sidewall will probably fail and at the worst time. Flex is not the friend of tire repairs. I'm actually surprised the tech fixed it at all.

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^^What he said. If you just got a flat, you probably won't need all of that, but if it's due mileage wise, then do it. Otherwise, the shop should balance the new tire when they mount it.

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1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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