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Hey Hey, I thought i could tell a point form story to see if anyone might have some suggestions!

2012 mazda3 automatic

Car always worked great, recent MVI
After recent cold snap, I attempted to use wipers before I had fully cleared ice out, foolish
This resulted in the wipers not moving, but wiper motor clearly working
Sounded like the wiper linkage had broken apart
Removed wipers, weather stripping, and cowl to reveal wiper linkage
Removed 3 mounting bolts, partially removed wiper linkage enough to unplug power connector
Removed wiper linkage
Finished work for the night, and due to impending rain showers, drove the car to underground parking garage 4 minutes away
Go get car 18 hours later, and it struggles to start
Starts, drive 30 feet, engine stops, start it again, 30 feet, engine stops.
Manage to start car and get back to my house 4 minutes away
Fix and replace Wiper linkage, which now works properly.
Jump car battery, starts right away, drive around for 20 minutes, highway, residential, etc
Car starts perfectly again now, every time, like it used to, use the car briefly for 24 hours
18 hours later, it no longer turns over, identical to other morning when it wouldn’t start

Mechanic brother in law is helping me look over things:
We re-charged and tried my current battery, and also replaced it with a known working battery, no change
Tested/checked fuses and swapped relays, no change
Brother in law says he thinks he should be hearing fuel pump when we first turn car keys, but we dont hear it, recheck and confirm fuel pump fuse is good.
Take back seat out of car and gain access to top of fuel pump, confirm there is no noise or moving fuel when we attempt to start car
Unplug fuel pump connector and use multimeter to confirm that ground is working, but it does not appear to be getting power

This is where I am now. It seems too coincedental to be anything unrelated to the work I did, considering the issue appeared immediately afterwards, with or without the motor linkage in, so I am presuming for now that this is the case. In the event that it is an issue with the fuel pump, it would seem likely to me that I disrupted something while I worked on the wipers (even though there weren’t any particular ‘oh no’ slip/pull/drop moments during the wiper removal/replacement).

I’d be interested in any suggestions or advice people might have before I get it towed to the dealers in a few days. Happy to provide any more info.
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