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I have a 2015 Mazda 3i touring sedan. I replaced the side markers with the common 5w5 LED replacements you can find all over - blue & pink to match fog lights (I liked the blue as it goes well with the 8k HIDs I put in, but my wife wanted pink so I got her pink fog lights and then the pink markers to match. Like this:

10X Pink / Purple T10 158 192 168 147 W5W 5050 5-SMD LED Car Light Bulb Lamp 12V

Doesn't matter where I get them from, they all fail really fast...like sometimes within days. The individual LEDs on them will start to flicker and/or dim, then burn out...until they are all dead. Fortunately they are cheap and I've got the replacing them down to a quick 2 minute task, but I'm sick of replacing them.

Does anyone know of reliable LED 5w5 bulbs in blue and/or pink that actually work/last longer than a few weeks?

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