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Rear Wiper Delete + Custom Rear Fog Lamps

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So I had another idea driving to work in the fog today:

JBR Rear Wiper Delete - JBR Rear Wiper Delete [SKY-WPR-DEL] - $30.65 : James Barone Racing, Aftermarket Performance
Amber/Red 7443 Switchback LED Bulbs - [ame]https://www.amazon.com/Color-Switchback-Amber-33-LED-Signal/dp/B071WB8RM6?th=1[/ame]

Remove the rear wiper using the JBR Rear Wiper Delete kit.
Disconnect the +12VDC lead that used to power the rear wiper.
Run that +12VDC line to a 7440 socket modified to accept a second signal (effectively making it a 7443 that fits into a 7440 slot).
Install the Amber/Red 7443 Switchback in the modified 7440 socket. You may have to shave the plastic nubs off the 7443 bulb so that it can be inserted into the 7440 socket.
Install that socket in your existing 7440 turn signal location.
Now you can illuminate TWO red LED lights towards the rear (in cases of inclement weather - a shortcoming of the OEM rear fog lights) while retaining your amber LED turn signals!

Not sure if what the intermittent setting would do...probably just light up the red intermittently...

What do you guys think?:grin2:
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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