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Hi All

I have a 2013 model here in the UK.

A few days ago my reverse camera suddenly stopped working, when I put it in reverse it only brings up parking sensor image. From doing research it seems a common problem but others seem to have intermittent problems and it will work again, mine hasn't worked properly for about a week now.

I don't have the option to reset nb1 as mine doesn't have a mute button so cant do back-nav-mute

I have unplugged the battery but it made no difference.

If I run 92 from the hidden nb1 menu the camera feed will show a blue screen and nothing will change, I have kept it like this for a whole journey to double check and there was no flickering.

If I put the car in reverse so the sensor screen comes up then press the sensor button to turn it off, then go through and put code 92 the feed will show off and on. I have had times where the feed was constant doing this but it seems to now only flicker.

Please see below video I took this morning.


You can see the camera connection by looking through a hole next to it and feel the wire, it all look nice and secure with no sign of anything loose.

Any ideas?
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