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I always meant to post a couple of pics of the bumper guard I attached to my 2017 GT Hatch after I moved from CA to NY. Living in NYC, it's truly an ongoing rite of passage for many drivers to hit cars when they parallel park. Fortunately, my car is predominately parked in my building garage.

For those of you city dwellers who regularly park on the street and know how likely it is you will end up with dings to the rear bumper from car bumpers, license place screws and frames, etc., this is an alternative to the Bumper Bullies and alike you need to flip out and in each time you get in/out of your car.

It obviously won't protect your car bumper from every scenario, but I was not a fan of having to deal with the manual experience of a bumper bully.

Appearance wise, I'm OK with it. I don't want to say it looks OEM, but better than I would expect. Easy to attach, but making sure to take time to line up properly. There is a guy on YouTube who attached it to his Corolla and I thought it looked OK so I bought one.

This is from Bumptek. This length is 46 inches and the length they recommend for this bumper. I believe it was $50 to $60.

One caveat, it may not look as good or even fit as well on 2014-2016's since the rear bumpers are designed differently.


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