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Hi all,

I'm a web developer from SoCal so I thought I would start my introduction with a little contribution. I got my new Mazda 3 a few months ago but after I found this forum I really got into tweaking my infotainment system. Using AIO TWeaks from the Infotainment Project I learned a lot about how the infotainment system is set up. So I wrote a little script to rotate through 10 backgrounds and forked AIO tweaks found here.

I borrowed the AIO installer because I know its stable so here's a standalone version of the tweak: BackgroundRotator Just unzip to a USB drive and install the same way as AIO Tweaks. To change the backgrounds, edit config/BackgroundRotator/background.png. You can see it is 10, 480px X 800px images side by side (total:480X8000) edit one or more of the backgrounds as desired. To change the timing, edit config/BackgroundRotator/common.css around line 25 is an "animate" style with 600s as the default total animation time. That will make the background change every 60 seconds (600 seconds/10 backgrounds). Enter the amount of time you want each background to show * 10 (eg: 10 minutes = 600s * 10 = enter 6000s to make each background show for 10 minutes.) The background will reset to the first one every time the car is started or shifted into drive from reverse. If you have already modified your common.css be careful because this tweak will overwrite that file. I also have the uninstall in my fork of the AIO Tweaks. Hope you guys enjoy this.
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