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I'm planning on installing an Android Auto compatible head unit in my 2013 3 hatchback. I have been doing some research on re-purposing the USB port in the arm rest to interface directly with the new head unit, but I can't seem to find anything on the internet at large about people doing that.

Short of a solution utilizing the OEM port, I am thinking about 3D printing a new piece to accommodate a USB extension to the back of the new head unit. The goal is to avoid drilling holes for the new cable in the cabin, and to keep the phone hidden in the arm rest when using Android Auto.


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Hey! Not sure if you ever did this but basically the USB port in the center console comes out in to a female connector under the cup holder, and then goes from a male Honda internal USB cable to a mini Honda style USB cable behind the glove box. Ideally, you would need something like this, but with a male USB cable on the end (I got a similar one but the pin connections were reversed so I had to re-solder it)

Hope this help!
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