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Hello all, First post so bare with me if the location is not right.

I recently upgraded to v59* NA through the dealership, and noticed that SSH is no longer listening on port 22 after the USB to Ethernet adapter has gotten an IP address through DHCP.

I found some posts around the internet about an "SSH Restore" zip file that contains a shell script along with some other files.
Just want to confirm that unzipping the contents of this 'tweak', and placing them on the root directory of a flash drive formatted as fat32 and plugging it into the car will do some form of autorun on the files? This is my assumption. Anything that I should be aware of when modifying the car through an auto update method with a usb stick?

Does anyone know where I could find some documentation/forum post on the procedure of how scripts and other files are executed in this fashion?

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