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RCA cables parallel to Sub Wires ok?

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The way I have my sub installed, there is a 3 foot run where the RCA cables to the amp run with the wires to the sub. They are going in opposite directions... Here is a diagram of what I mean.

----------------------------------------> AMP
SUB <------------------------

Is this a problem?
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I am not a professional when it comes to electrical and audio systems, but I have done installs in the past on my own cars and others. From what I know, it only becomes a major issue if your power wires are running next to your signal wires. There are all sorts of tricks to producing the absolute cleanest audio possible, but most people will not hear the difference, especially in a moving car. I think if your RCA wires are running passed the signal wires going from the amp to the sub, you should be fine. I would only be concerned if your power wires were running next to either the RCA or signal wires. Again, I am not a professional audio installer, this is just my experience and limited knowledge. I hope this helps.
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