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I have a 2012 i3 Touring Skyactiv with the stock (non-Bose) radio. Lately, after I start the car, sometimes I don't get any audio out of the radio--or the CD or the phone, etc. Other times it works fine.

With this radio, you can get it to display error codes by turning the radio off, then pressing and holding the power/volume button on and simultaneously pressing AUX and Preset 2 for 2 seconds or so.

When I do that, I get the error code: 31:Er55 when it is not working right. Does anyone know what this means?

I have the manual, and it doesn't list this code. I've called a few dealers, one couldn't find it; and a couple just said to bring the car in. Before I start taking things apart, I wondered if anyone has seen this code and know what it indicates.

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