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Hey guys,

I have 2016 Mazda3 sGT and I've been loving it! There were a few things I noticed recently and I'd just like to see if it's normal behavior or something I should bring up to my dealership.

1) When I use the manual mode on the automatic transmission from the gear shifter (not the paddles) in colder weather (below about 50oF), I notice the shifter feels "sticky". The car will shift just fine, but it almost feels like the shifter is sticking in the +/- for just a split second before returning to the middle position. This doesn't happen when it's warm out. Has anyone else noticed this at all?

2) I've noticed a creaking noise coming from the infotainment screen. I pinned it down to the upper left side of the screen. When I wiggle it from the upper left side, it feels like the housing is loose. The screen inside the housing will remain stationary, but I can see the housing flexing a little. It's very noticeable when comparing to the upper right side. The right side is pretty rigid and doesn't wiggle at all.

All in all, I'm loving this car! Just wanted to see if anyone else has these issues or if it's just isolated to my car.

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