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I just have a quick question about compatibility. Im looking for a SRI for my M3, ideally trying to use a ripoff tubing because from what I've read the actual pipes are pretty much the same in the ripoffs, then switching out the filter for an AEM or K&N. Any ideas about this? I welcome to all ideas, just ideally trying to keep cost down.

I have a 2016 M3 2.0l, so my intake diameter is 2.75" is it possible to use a 3" intake tube? or will I get a check engine light?

if that doesn't work. is it possible to get a properly sized MAF housing and connect that to the throttle body, then have an adapter and a 3" intake tube and filter? let me know thanks. its just that Im trying to pick one up in my area. but around me I can only find 3".
if this would work where can I get a relatively inexpensive man housing for the 2.0l?
I have found many AEM and K&N filters but most of them are 3"-3.5".

the other option is to have a full 2.75" piping (although its hard to find ripoffs for the 2.0l) and have a 3" filter with an adapter?
all help is greatly appreciated!
thank you so much!! have a great new year!!
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