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Smart Brake Support?

After long research I think you guys are confusing scbs (which is short range) with sbs (smart brake support) which is mid to long range using milli radar or whatever they call it, fow is just a warning and it doesn't apply the brakes, sbs is what applies the brakes from 15kmh to 145kmh. The scbs only works from 0 to 30kmh

It's confusing, a lot of terminologies and it's different from region to region and the dealers ignorance of the exact details of the tech packages doesn't help either.

Rear Vehicle Monitor (rvm) is exactly the same as Blind spot monitoring (bsm) why the hell do you name it differently in different regions?
Does USA Mazda3 (with tech package, of course) have Smart Brake Support (as opposed to Smart City Brake Support)? I can't find anything in materials or otherwise about this. According to the brochure, Smart City Brake Support will apply brakes between 2 mph and 18 mph. I've read about Forward Obstruction Warning (which is warning only, no brakes). Does Mazda Radar Cruise Control just let off the gas, or does it actively apply the brakes if closing too fast? Does any system apply positive braking action above 18 mph?

And yes, I'm talking about the tech package on the s GT. I'm picking up a 2015 s GT, auto, red/almond soon.
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