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Questions about repairs help with accident

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So today i got into an accident I slide down my driveway due to a storm I am a mazda 3 and it destroyed my front bumper both front fenders the driver door is buckled open and the glass smashed out also hood is buckled both mirrors are broken off and my front windshield and both headlights .I'm wondering with all this damage am I looking at a total loss the car hit 3 trees this is only the viable damage due to the storm it's still in the trees as a tow truck couldn't safety remove it
Thanks for any input
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You'll need to actually take it to a repair shop, get some estimates and consult with your insurance company to get a proper opinion as to whether its totaled or not.
Yeah but its kind of tough to get any sort of idea of repair or replacement costs until you actually know what you'll be replacing. There may be damage that you don't see.
So repair shop is better then the mazda dealer
Maybe, maybe not. Some dealers are crooks, some repairs shops do sub-standard work. Thats something you'll need to figure out on your end.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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