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Question for lowered 3's

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Sorry if this has already been asked, surfed for about an hour to no avail.

Question for all of you lowered 3 owners out there; do you run aftermarket adjustable end links to account for lowering your vehicle? If so, what brand are you running?

Recently installed BC racing BR series coilovers a few weeks ago. Has some clunking noises and ended up being the end links. Had all four replaced with OE quality end links by a shop since I was out of town. The clunk came back after a few days. Found both front links were becoming lose, re-tightened and sure enough after about an hour of driving the noise came back. Not sure if I received a defective set, or if aftermarket adjustable endlinks are a must when lowering the car.

Suspension is stock besides the coilovers. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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