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Question for anyone that has a JBR or AFE Drop In Panel Filter

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I'm comparing specs on the different reusable panel filters that we have as options. I can not seem to find the dimensions of the JBR or AFE (Pro Dry S) filters. Length and width of course are not as important, it is the height that I'd really like to know.

If anyone has one of these, any chance you could quickly measure it?

For reference.. here is what I have so far...

OEM nn.n% Efficiency, 10.65(l) x 7.08(w) x 1.710(h) ... (PE07-13-3A0A)
AEM 99.0% Efficiency, 10.75(l) x 7.12(w) x 1.625(h) ... (28-20480)
K&N nn.n% Efficiency, 10.75(l) x 7.12(w) x 1.188(h) ... (33-2480)

JBR nn.n% Efficiency, nn.nn(l) x n.nn(w) x n.nnn(h) ... (SKY-PNL-FLT)
AFE 99.2% Efficiency, nn.nn(l) x n.nn(w) x n.nnn(h) ... (31-10251 Pro Dry S)

** UPDATE **

Measured the AFE ..

AFE 99.2% Efficiency, 10.75(l) x 7.25(w) x 1.5(h) ... (31-10251 Pro Dry S)
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I actually have a little Flow test method where I was going to buy each of the filters and run them on my rig to see which actually allowed the most air flow, but that would require me to buy all 3 (JBR, Afe, AEM) and then deal with trying to return 2 of them)
You'd only need 2 of them. The AEM & JBR are the same filter. The JBR is just colored black. You could add the K&N, though, which is oiled.
Since you now have the AFE, why don't you fill in the dimensions on your original post? Instead of just asking for info, give a little back.
Doh....good idea. Planning on do a better experiment tomorrow so I'll measure it when I pull it back out.
Since you've had the AFE filter out while dicking around with your flow test, why haven't you posted up the dimensions for the AFE on your 1st post? Complete the full picture! This may help explain your flow results......
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