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My experience with aftermarket power mirrors (on several different brands of cars/trucks) is that they generally look and work fine, with one issue. I've found that the mirror glass has a tendency to giggle more than OEM. If the road is rough or the tires are out of balance it can get annoying, but at half the cost of OEM, you get what you pay for.

As for the heater elements, I don't have direct knowledge of the harness in your car. But the key question is if the harness in the door has the wiring for heated mirrors when the car didn't come with them. If I had to bet money, I'd guess that the heater wiring isn't there. I wanted to put power mirrors in a GMC that didn't come with it and discovered that the wiring wasn't even there. Grrr.

If the wiring isn't there, you can always add it, but you want to tread carefully there. It makes heat by putting enough current through a resistive element to produce heat. You want to make sure to have some kind of protection fuse in the circuit to prevent your car from going up in flames. Seen too many cars at the salvage auctions that were totaled when the aftermarket seat heaters caught fire. You also want to make sure to have the right gauge wiring and to see if a relay will be required to allow a signal wire to turn on the higher-current heater element. Maybe the heated mirrors aren't that high-current, but they might be.
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