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Hey all,

Skip this below paragraph, because it's mostly just useless context as to why I want to know if the covers are compatible :

So far, this car has been great and offers phenomenal winter driving capabilities. Yesterday, we (south shore of Montreal) received a good amount of snow (as per usual winter occurence) and driving conditions were 'pleasant for the adventurous, treacherous for the fearful'. Well I left work and headed back home on my pleasantly adventurous drive and took some country backroads to avoid traffic, one being a middle-of-b*-f*-nowhere farmer's field road which offered lower than usual visibility. As I drove along (well below the speed limit, but somewhat faster than I should have been driving given road conditions and visibility) I came across a snow bank smack in the middle of my lane. I made the judgement to plow through (and not swerve around it) thinking it was just going to be a easy little pile of snow that'd cede to my car's momentum with ease. Well, I was wrong. I hit the f*cker. And as I hit it, I realised the f*cker was a thick and heavy motherf*cker. Drove back home, parked it and observed the expected; a cracked front bumper cover. Good job, captain. I take so good care of this car 364 days a year, and then I do this to it.

Now I'm thinking of options. I'd like to know if a 2016-2019 front bumper cover will fit (& grille I suppose) (with absolutely zero modifications) to my 2014 Mazda3 GS. I have fog lights and I know the fog light housings are changed for the facelift, so that would have to be swapped over as well. I wonder if it's just a plug-and-play solution. Happily I have none of the other BS like parking sensors and lane guide assist Apple play front bumper magic, so I won't have to worry about that.

If a post-facelift Mazda3 front won't fit, I'll just find a pre-facelift one. I just want to see if I have more options than less.

Thanks for reading,
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