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Update apparently mazda said after 4 weeks of road tests and other diagnostics they just got it ao cause a intermittent fault reading that is saying there is a PCM fault.
Replacing the unit may fix all said faults in the car. But cant guarantee it.
It will cost $2100 to repair and mazda wont cover any costs.

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OMG Michelle that is ridiculous. I think you should look up PCM faults because even if they replace it it shouldn't cost anything near that amount. I am still struggling with my issue. I have had mine at two mechanics both saying they can't find anything. I have another 2.5 weeks to wait until Mazda can fit me in - even then they don't seem to care or be worried. As you would know, this is a common fault so how the hell does no one really know what is wrong here!!! I suggest you take what mazda said to the ombudsman along with all the info available online to confirm this isn't a one off issue therefore you shouldn't have to pay for it. That is what I am going to do. How ridiculous. My car hasn't even done 100,000kms and I have had more trouble with this car than what it is worth. Is there another mazda dealer you could go to to get a second opinion?

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Im with brian hilton they have sent to ccmg mazda as its a mazda car.
Brian hton have been helping me fight mazda australia... its mazda Australia telling us this is the repair cost. Because i service with brian hton and have extended warranty they are helping me. Because mazda australia flat put refuses to see this as a manufacturing issue.
I have contacted a current affair australia and a local radio station to see if they can help..... i would love to get more mazda owners stating their issues and get a class action going.
This is my complaint letter to mazda australia

To Mazda Head Office Manager/Managers

I am writing to you in response to your disregard of a safety concern in my vehicle number plate ******S or as you may know it Case No. Mazda had asked that you send a field specialist to look over my car given they were unsuccessful in getting the car to fault and no error/communication code was showing, Which YOU-Mazda Australia denied and said to release the car back to the owner.

The car began to fault early march occasionally – not even weekly would lose power steering for a few seconds at most however was not doing it long enough to see which error code was lighting up on the dashboard. On Tues March 24th within a 7-10 minute drive home from dropping my 2 young children age 2 and 3 at day care I had power steering failure with error light on dashboard that was occurring around 10 seconds at a time and dong repeatedly. When I near came to a stop power steering would resume and failure light would go off. I would resume driving and the slightest turn of the steering wheel would lock the steering wheel unable to overpower the locked steering wheel I was unable to turn the vehicle and nearly crashed up onto the gutter. I managed to stop the car and again the failure light went off and steering resumed. I was only 1-2 minutes from home so managed to get the car home with the steering wheel locking around 5 times in total.
The car was taken to Mazda at where they grounded my car for being unsafe to drive. They liaised with Brian Hilton – being the dealership I bought the car from and have regular services with to have the car fixed there. The Power steering malfunction light error code for the power steering sensor light needing fixing the fix was done and car returned on the Friday 27th march.
The next day the power steering failure light on dashboard came on twice however some steering remained so believed it was just adjusting to the new sensor being installed. For 3 weeks the car was fine then occasionally started losing power steering again. On Thursday April 23rd I was driving to work from home. I left W####en route to Gosford when I reached Ourimbah the power steering failure light on dashboard came on and power steering malfunctioned however had light control of the car as long as I stayed under 50km/hr . every time the car stopped full steering would resume and as soon as the slightest turn of steering wheel happened it would lose power steering and the failure light would be back on.
During this time I phoned my partner and noticed the radio/speaker was cutting in and out and I explained to him what was happening. I am a registered nurse and needed to get to work so continued to drive the 5-7 minutes required to get to work. As I arrived at work I drove into a car park space and as I turned the entire car SHUT OFF I lost full power of car no steering, engine turned off, radio turned off and the car was just slowly rolling into the car park space. For 2 secs the car had no power when the car turned itself on again, every light on the dashboard lit up . THE BATTERY LIGHT,THE ENGINE LIGHT/OIL LIGHT, ABS, POWER STEERING FAILURE, AIRBAG, AT WITH POWER TOOL. I then tried to put my windows up and the automatic windows would not work , the radio wasn’t working and the clock had reset on my dash . I turned the car off then restarted the car and the radio restarted and I could get the windows up.
I phoned Brian Hilton and advised them of what had just happened . As I was started work at 1400hrs and it was 1340hrs I had to walk inside for handover of my patients. I informed them I would have the car in first thing in the morning if I managed to get the car home otherwise I would need to have the car towed if I was unable to drive it.
I finished work at 2240hrs and luckily the car turned on and no faults lit up. I then was able to drive home without faulting. On Friday 24th April I drove the car 5 minutes down the road to Brian Hilton
only power steering wheel issues once on the way. I was given a service vehicle while they send my car back to Mazda

Mazda had my car until May 13th I had filled my car with petrol the day before on my way to work so was a full tank of petrol when it was returned to me on Thursday 14th may when I collected the car there was only 1/3 tank of petrol left. I had been informed they had driven my car around whilst trying to get it to fault. They had informed Brian Hilton Wyong that there was nothing wrong with my car and they could not get the car to Fault. I STILL HAVE YET TO SEE FORMAL PAPER WORK OF WHAT EXACTLY THEY DID WITH MY CAR FOR 3 WEEKS THAT USED 2/3 TANK OF MY PETROL AND TO SEE WHAT TOOK THEM 3 WEEKS.
I drove the car 5 minutes home and parked it in on our driveway until the following morning. On Friday 15th May I packed my 2 and 3yr old’s into their car seats and proceeded to drive to Westfield only a 10-15 minute drive. As I approached to turn off a side street in ####onto the main Pacific Highway the car skidded and lost traction and continued to shudder/shake the entire car , this continued on I looked at the dash and the TRACTION CAR LIGHT was lit up on the dash and wouldn’t go off so I thought the car was constantly trying to get traction causing severe shaking of car . there was no where safe to pull over as a main rd. and I was on the inside lane. I was only driving 50km/hr I tried to gain speed to 60km so I could pass existing cars to try an pull over. The problem was now the car would drive faster then 55km/hr I could slow down but not speed up. Now the DASHBOARD Lights were lighting up the TRACTION CAR , ABS was constantly on and the ENGINE LIGHT was also on . at this point I was very frighted the car was going to stop and the truck behind me was going to smash into me. I put the hazards on to get around the corner then into Westfield car park so I could safely remove my CHILDREN from the car.
I phoned Brian Hilton Wyong and informed them AGAIN that my car was doing all this within 24hrs of collecting it . I then phoned my mother to collect my children as did not want them in this Death trap of a car waiting for a severe car accident to happen.
When I turned the car back on the ABS light the POWER STEERING MALFUNCTION LIGHT AND TRACTION and ENGINE lights were all on . I then turned the car off again and waited a few minutes then turned the car back on I have a photo of what lights were on on these two occasions. The 3rd time I turned car on was ok .
Brian Hilton asked if the car turned on again and didn’t fault would I drive it to them. I said yes otherwise if it faulted before I left the car park I would have to tow it.
Again I managed to drive the car 7 minutes up the road to Brian Hilton without the car faulting.
From this date Friday 15th may until now Tuesday 23rd June the car has been with Brian Hilton who sent to CCMG where the car according to them like Mazda Wybefore, Claim no fault is happening. Where you were asked to send a Field Specialist and for 4 weeks denied sending anyone out to view my vehicle YET YOU CLAIM MY VEHICLE IS SAFE TO DRIVE.
I cannot fathom how you could instruct a family , myself my partner and our 2 very small children ages 2 and 3 to just continue to drive this car. I understand your saying because the computer is not picking up the car is faulting that there is no diagnoses, HOW can you not see how dangerous this car is that it is faulting within only 24hrs of me receiving the car that the faults seems to constantly change that not only is the car doing these things but that your computers cant pick it up . Can you not see that something majorly is wrong that this fault is overriding your computers to leave NO fault message?

HOW can you honestly give advice for us to continue to drive this car and say it is SAFE. I DON’T FEEL SAFE and I certainly can not knowingly put my children in harms way and put them in as if nothing is happening at the words of someone who doesn’t have to risk driving it themselves.
I have contacted Fair Trading for advice – since their advice I have done the following
  • I have lodged a product safety enquiry for my car #####
  • I have sent you this email and will be also sending via mail a copy to Mazda Head Office Australia
  • I will be lodging a formal complaint with fair trading
From this so far I have had response from the ACCC in response to my vehicle safety concerns to lodge a vehicle safety report with the DITRDC which I will be doing today . They have advised to formally write this complaint letter- which is lengthy to outline all the details to date of why this vehicle is unsafe.
They have advised me of my rights and acceptable quality and level of safety I should expect from any motor vehicle through manufacture and design supply to myself.
I have discussed my concerns as an ongoing matter with Brian Hilton Customer Relations
I have also found numerous CAR forums specifically Mazda Revolution forums, cars guide, that multiple customers of the 2012 Mazda 3 Have specified issues with the ABS the TRACTION the power steering failure , car losing power as problems they have taken to dealerships and yet no error code is found and have been returned the car with nothing being diagnosed or corrected. How can you keep sticking your head in the sand when customers are taking their cars in and saying there are major problems. I have attached some screen shots in this email for you to read yourself.
I Believe this needs to be public knowledge , people should know that there appears to be a major issue with 2012 Mazda 3s, or at least be made aware that Mazda Australia does not care about the safety families driving their cars as long as the computer says NO.
I want you to revise how you deal with your customers as I am one of them and acknowledge that our SAFETY should be paramount when driving your vehicles on the road.
I await your response

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