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So I've had my emblems dipped for about 2 months now and am ready to give my review. And I love it! I love in Arizona so the heat has not affected them. I've taken a pressure washer to them and still nothing. I used black first and it took 4 coats. Then used the vintage gold with 4 coats, and then 2 coats of the pearlizer. If you take your time and don't Rush it comes out smooth.

My recommendations would be to tape/mask off a good area about 6 inches from the emblem. I only did 4 and had a little over spray still. Comes right off with micro towel so don't worry if you have some.

If you do the front emblem, mask off the inside part of the emblem that's plastic. If you don't it's hard to get off due to the rugged texture.

When doing the mazdaspeed logo on back, I lifted my hatch and sprayed from the bottom that way instead of trying as is. Made it much easier and cleaner spray.

Last, I used a tooth pick to get in between the letters. Be careful when peeling the letters cuz if you pull too hard you'll tear too much off. And then you have to start over.

I think they came out great and if you follow the simple video on the dipyourcar YouTube channel you'll be good to go!


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