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Hey Guys,

I just ordered 4 of this: (For map lights, dome and trunk)


and a set of this: (For license plate lights)


I was thinking about getting Morimoto but they were quiet expensive and shipping to Israel would have been very pricey so instead I opted for something reliable and with good reviews.

I know these LED's are not super bright and don't have quiet enough lumens as other good brands offer but in a personal note I'm not going for the super extra bright look, just for the regular and simple 6000K kind of look.

By the way any good recommendation on ebay or somewhere else for 28mm fuse Vanity LED's? I had no options in amazon whatsoever...:frown2:

I will get everything probably by next week and I'll be sure to upload some pics for your delight :smile2:


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a little bit of an aside, does any here think aftermarket exterior lighting could draw unwanted attention from police? Even as small a thing as 6000k license plate bulbs?
I have now extra bright LED for my turns, license plate lights, back-ups and more on my WRX and never have been stopped for lighting issues.
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