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Hey all. I just finished dropping a 2013 Skyactive engine into a 2012 Mazda3 SA.

I've fixed two codes (P0102: MAF low, P0113: IAT high) by fixing a ground wire to the MAF/IAT sensor. Also getting the P061B which is the PCM not being able to calculate engine torque.

it is wandering/stumbling and stalling. It sounds like it has a little knock, under low rpm load, and I did get a lean mixture code which cleared and did not return. I'm able to coax it to run, and as long as I apply a little pedal, it goes right along. It also runs great on the highway, and gets good fuel mileage.

I'm trying to find any vacuum leaks. Pulling and replacing the intake manifold is happening very soon.

I may have a bad MAF/IAT sensor. They're $150 for the OEM part (and I am poor). So I'm trying to rule out everything else. I have lots of sensors from the 2012 engine, for swapping in & out.

The signal from the MAF, when the engine is off but the ignition key is on, is .750 volts, approximately. This is from the green wire to ground.

Has anyone measured that particular voltage?

Anything else I should look at, other than MAF and potential vacuum problems?
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