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Paint Stripper/ Remover on RX8 OEM wheels

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Paint Stripper/ Remover on RX8 OEM wheels * FAIL*

I just bought a set of RX8 Wheels that have been previously painted and I'm planning to resurface it and paint them due to curb rashes, the whole 9 yards.

I've never delt with painted wheels besides plasti dip, Would anyone know thats the best way to safely remove the old paint? Sand it down or use a paint stripper? I heard about Klean Strip- Aircraft Paint Remover but i also know that there on a lot of other paint removers out there but is it safe to use on the factory alloy wheels before repainting them?
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Howdy fellow DIY....:laugh2:
At the Powder Coating shop we get parts at time that have epoxy or previously powder coating on them. In this case we often will use Aircraft paint stripper before media blasting them.. It is really messy let me tell ya up front but will make fairly quick work of stripping a wheel. Jasco Paint Remover also will work well.

I did a set of wheel for a CRUZ last year that had a polished lip and powder coated center. After stripping them down I did a 3 stage powder coat on them that had metal flakes and Pearl Finnish.

Good look with your re-paint of your new wheels.

The pictures do not do the finish justice. In the sun the color is fantastic.
Alloy wheel Rim Tire Spoke Wheel

Alloy wheel Tire Rim Spoke Wheel
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I never understood how people could stand something that hot! Don't get me wrong, I love spicy food, but pain doesn't need to be part of the meal. You've a braver man than I.
The wife uses a couple drops or so with soaps and such. It is pretty diluted down but still gives a nice flavor with some "HEAT".

Oh and also Powder Coating...it is a walk in heating room that can fit a car that reaches temperatures for curing up to 475F. When we remove parts it takes about 2040 minutes cool down before going in the room. The pain is when you do a stepped powder coat...you coat, heat slightly and then pull from oven and then apply more powder and repeat several times. It gets real hot and you sweet like crazy..
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