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Paint Stripper/ Remover on RX8 OEM wheels

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Paint Stripper/ Remover on RX8 OEM wheels * FAIL*

I just bought a set of RX8 Wheels that have been previously painted and I'm planning to resurface it and paint them due to curb rashes, the whole 9 yards.

I've never delt with painted wheels besides plasti dip, Would anyone know thats the best way to safely remove the old paint? Sand it down or use a paint stripper? I heard about Klean Strip- Aircraft Paint Remover but i also know that there on a lot of other paint removers out there but is it safe to use on the factory alloy wheels before repainting them?
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+1 for Aircraft Remover. Jasco stripper is also a similar product. Couldn't tell you if one works better than the other. This is the best way I have found to strip paint from wheels. It can be messy, so ABSOLUTELY wear protective gloves (some good thick dish washing gloves will do) and eye protection, especially when rinsing the caustic off the wheels. If this stuff touches your skin, there is a delayed burn that will come on like a ghost pepper hot sauce (don't ask). Supposedly this stuff is neutralized when rinsed with water, but don't assume that it won't harm you when rinsing. Lower pressure is better so that the splash and deflection doesn't hit you in the face or hit other things that you do not want un-painted.

Good Luck! Be Safe!
what spray paint would y'all recommend? I was thinking Duplicolor Wheel Spray paint or Duplicolor Engine spray paint. Im looking for a dark Gunmetal grey / graphite / charcoal color.

I'm planning to strip the old paint, sand , bondo the damages , prime , paint and clear coat it. Should be fun
Get them powder coated or professionally painted with properly durable paint if you want to spend the $. Rattle cans are never the most durable, and painting a darker color over the aluminum means any dings in the paint will show up very obviously if the paint chips away. Otherwise, I would say Duplicolor wheel paint. Your best bet is to take your time and do very methodical prep work from surface cleaning, scuffing the surface to help the primer bite a little better, proper level of coats (not too heavy, avoid runs and promote better adhesion), and be patient with the paint too. First couple of coats should be relatively thin. Don't try to cover up all the metal the first coat. Take your time, don't rush the job. Rushing any paint job leads to ugly results. I think Confucius said that.

I never understood how people could stand something that hot! Don't get me wrong, I love spicy food, but pain doesn't need to be part of the meal. You've a braver man than I.
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