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Paint Stripper/ Remover on RX8 OEM wheels

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Paint Stripper/ Remover on RX8 OEM wheels * FAIL*

I just bought a set of RX8 Wheels that have been previously painted and I'm planning to resurface it and paint them due to curb rashes, the whole 9 yards.

I've never delt with painted wheels besides plasti dip, Would anyone know thats the best way to safely remove the old paint? Sand it down or use a paint stripper? I heard about Klean Strip- Aircraft Paint Remover but i also know that there on a lot of other paint removers out there but is it safe to use on the factory alloy wheels before repainting them?
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what spray paint would y'all recommend? I was thinking Duplicolor Wheel Spray paint or Duplicolor Engine spray paint. Im looking for a dark Gunmetal grey / graphite / charcoal color.

I'm planning to strip the old paint, sand , bondo the damages , prime , paint and clear coat it. Should be fun
i have recently discovered the joy of "mobile sandblasting" people on craigslist. i may never go through the hassle of removing paint myself again. recommend you check it out :)

also rim paint IMO works great. last rims i painted held up longer than the rest of the car, salty road winters and all.
I'm going to look into that. thanks! how many cans should i consider when also painting the inside wheel well? 1.5 can per wheel? when i plasti dip i used 1 can per wheel only doing the front of the wheel
SO......so far i spent a total of 3 hours scrubbing the wheels inside out. And attempted to strip the paint this morning. It look me an hour on 1 wheel and it was a fail. Didnt get anywhere! I used Klean Strip- Aircraft Paint Remover. Worked great between the spokes but on the surface..NOPE.

all the supplies i bought to clean, strip, resurface and paint already costed me about $98 bucks. I called around and found a guy that does sandblasting and powder coating for $300 all 4 wheels.


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1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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