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So I have had my 3 for a grip of time .. About 2 1/2 years and I have all the go fast goodies like CS Sri and cat back along with a few chassis braces from them also a few from god speed and did the cosworth balance shaft del and have reversed the crankshaft position sensor advance cuz it run a hell of a lot better in the stock position but any way

My question is every once in a while I smash on a civic or diesel truck from a dig and when my tires break loose my rpms bounce a few times off the rev limiter but while doing it I noticed they go way beyond the redline down to 7k when it bounces .. Has any one else noticed it ? Cuz when I take off if I shift before it bounces at least twice it bogs a tiny bit into second... Is this a bad thing like my ecu isn't stoping at the proper red line or some kind of fault else where ? Any and all opinions are welcome :mellow 1:

Ps : I am still pulling while it is bouncing .. I have an AEM f/Ic on order and am going to be installing in the upcoming weeks.. Got a weeks vacation set up for it and didn't want to tear into it withan existing problem

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if its the 2.5, it will bounce around 6500 or earlier.

Since its analog needle (nvm what drives it, digital/analog signal), you will see some momentum delay.

when the driver tells the needle to stop and reverse direction, needle may have traveled too far.

if you drop your clutch and let go the throttle, there's a fractin of sec of over reving, you may be seeing that as well.
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