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Orginal files cmu150_EU_59.00.443C

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Hi !

Trying to get my CMU out of boot loop ! :crying2:

Can somebody help me to provide orginal files "sm.conf" and "opera.ini" from cmu150_EU_59.00.443C ?

Best Regards

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It,s the 443C-EU version, have the firmware files have try to extract it but ask för password.
Will be very happy if you can e-mail the files
Found the password to extract files, unziping right now :)
Hi !

Now I have got the files I was looking for :)

Thanks for the help any way :)
Hi !

Just preparing me to connect to CMU, going to try USB - Ethernet first, but I think It will not work becuase not to have SSH soo next step Is to connect with Serial console on the back of CMU
1 - 6 of 9 Posts
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