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Opinions on 2017 Mazda3 Grand Touring

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I'm looking for opinions on the 2017 Mazda3 Grand Touring Sedan...

I currently have the 2014 sTouring, but the dealer sent me an offer that lured me into the dealership, and they made a very good offer that will lower my monthly payment by about $60.00 a month. I'm just caught between thinking what I've already spent, and what I'll save (even though I know I'll still be spending more in the long run).

The biggest differences I notice are the Moonroof and the Smart City Braking package, oh, and the heated steering wheel... Anyone with experience and thoughts about the 2017 GT?

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There are many more positive things about all 2017 3's, including better sound deadening, its trail braking for you going into every curve, and more.

The question is not what we think, but whether you are comfortable being in debt longer (even at the reduced payments).

We love our 2017 Mazda 3 GT. It is my wife's daily driver, and she, overall prefers it to our BMW 335 we had and our new WRX that I drive.

Demand (politely) that you be given a one hour, by yourself test drive, and then decide. BTW my salesperson, seeing me drive up in my WRX, threw me the key fob and said, take it for a drive for at long as you want, but bring it back by 7:00 PM when I go home tonight (three hours later). One hour on curvy roads I choose, sold the car for me.

How much better it is or is not than your 14???? You will be able to tell after more than a typical, pre-programmed, short test drive.

Best of luck.
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Many very good points being raised on these posts, and one that screams loud to me, is that we wonderfully have members from all over the world, with each of us posting (well at least 99%) what is true about our own markets. So, the reader needs to double check that the standard equipment or the option listed in one person's post is also true of their own country -- for example the many OEM and option differences between U.S. and Canadian models

And why I personally would like all members to post their location in their profile. I understand many not want to give their home city (such as me), but maybe their country or even area of their country.
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