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Opinions on 2017 Mazda3 Grand Touring

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I'm looking for opinions on the 2017 Mazda3 Grand Touring Sedan...

I currently have the 2014 sTouring, but the dealer sent me an offer that lured me into the dealership, and they made a very good offer that will lower my monthly payment by about $60.00 a month. I'm just caught between thinking what I've already spent, and what I'll save (even though I know I'll still be spending more in the long run).

The biggest differences I notice are the Moonroof and the Smart City Braking package, oh, and the heated steering wheel... Anyone with experience and thoughts about the 2017 GT?

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damn, you guys get heated steering wheels too? damn we really missed out on quite a number of features..

think of this as an LCI. it's new features are nice, but is it worth the enjoyment after you compare driving those two. for me, if i'd change cars, even though the 2017 is under a new designation, i'd only change if it's a new series. EG. E90 to F80

BTW my salesperson, seeing me drive up in my WRX, threw me the key fob and said, take it for a drive for at long as you want, but bring it back by 7:00 PM when I go home tonight (three hours later).

this made me burst out in laughter. hahahahaha!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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