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I figured I should stop lurking and contribute a little bit to the forums. :yes:
Sorry for the lack of photos, most of them were on my old phone and I forgot to back them up too my computer.

Road Magnets 1.25
JBR Rear Sway Bar
DDM 4500k 35w
DDM 3000k 35w
DRl led strip
Roof Rack(Is this considered a mod?)
2 Alpine 12" Type R
Infinity Reference 1600a
Footwell Lights
Plasti-Dip Emblems
License Relocation (No pics yet)

Future Mods
MS3 Wheels + Tires
Cold Air Intake
OEM Raingaurds
Tint 35%
Lip Spoiler
OEM Lip and Side Skirt
Side Sills
Racing beat or Corksport Exhaust

When I first got the car with a crappy instagram filter.

DDM 4500k Right under the cut off line.

DDM 4500k and 3000k

Footwell Lighting

JBR Rear Sway Bar (Sorry no installation pics:sad:)

MS3 Wheels (Needs Paint and tires, any suggestions for colors?)

Where she sits now...she still looks stock :001_tongue:

Thanks for checking my build!:thumbup 1:

56 Posts
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I really like the look of the roof rack. could you tell me what you paid and what pieces you used?

I got the fairing(38") and bars (50") for $100 on craigslist and I got the thule 460 feet and fit kit for our cars on amazon for I think around $350? Give or take. Shop around your local craiglist. It's stupid expensive for a roof rack haha.

EDIT: Went back to my amazon orders and the feet themself were about $150 and the fit kit were $30, bought both used but were practically new when they came. So in total I spent $280 for the roof rack. Thats not including the 3 bike trays I got on craiglist list too.
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