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Hi Everyone: One month in and here is what I like , and don't on the '17 Mazda3 GT:
Like: leather seats are beautify and comfortable
LED headlights are great, but especially like the adaptive feature
Blind spot monitor (surprised me, useful feature)
Advanced Keyless entry (very convenient)
"Fun to drive" handles great, really notice the lighter weight
Manual transmission....wonderful
Heated steering wheel (god I'm getting old)
Beautiful car, great design Mazda
Options: Alloy pedals, good grip and look nice
LED foot well lighting (lights up well in evening)
Appearance package (stupid money, but the car looks stunning with it)
Dislike: Passenger seat should have height adjustment
Passenger window should be auto up/down
Poor headliner quality (looks and feels cheap)
Carpet on back of rear seat quality is poor, puckered
Poor location for rear hatch release (always searching, needs a positive locator position)
Rear wiper will not pivot off glass for easier cleaning (come on Mazda)
Although I enjoy the "heads up display" I wish the info was 1/2" more to the left to center it
Would I buy another? You bet, I feel Mazda is going more "premium" and I'm on board. I know of no other "affordable" car company that still cares about it's drivers and doesn't want to impress with things that don't matter
Hope this "real" info will help you prospective owners....It's a good, and very fun car


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Looks like you got all the bells and whistles! Good looking car!
Glad you enjoy it and I couldn't agree more
I agree with all your points that also pertain to my iGT
I've had it for a while now and still enjoy everyday with it
Definitely plan on keeping this car for a long time :D
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