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Oil leaking from drain plug?

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i do my own oil changes.

i brought my 2015 mazda3 to the dealership for a recall.
they did their usual 360 degree check (or whatever they call it) in addition.

the service rep said the mechanic found slight oil leaking and suggested that i replace the drain plug/washer.

i can see it not being tight. just tighten it, right?
but to buy a new one and replace? ???

How does an oil drain plug/washer fail?
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I change my own oil, and when I got my Mazda3 and saw they recommend a new copper washer for each oil change, I bought a Fumoto valve. It makes changing the oil just a little bit easier.

I also have Fumoto valves on my Jeep and F250.

Nary a drip of oil has been seen to fall from any of the valves until I flip the valve open and watch it flow.
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