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I have been asked before about an OIL FILTER Removal Tool or Wrench for the Mazda superseded of the ORIGINAL OIL FILTER for ALL Skyactiv GASOLINE ENGINES, either 1.5 Litre, 2.0, and 2.5.

The Original now OLD Oil Filter was Mazda Part Number:
PE01-14-302 Oil Filter No Longer Parts Sold by Mazda Parts,
PE01-14-302A Oil Filter No Longer Parts Sold by Mazda Parts,
PE01-14-302B Oil Filter No Longer Parts Sold by Mazda Parts...

THE LATEST and NEW Genuine Oil Filter Worldwide is now Mazda Part Number 1WPE-14-302 Oil Filter.
Be aware these Oil Filter are SMALLER than the original, BUT is the Correct Unit to use and has the Correct By Pass Valve specification Installed.
The 1WPE-14-302 Genuine Oil Filter is for the following Mazda Models.
*Fit is for all Mazda Vehicles with SKYACTIV 4 Cylinder Gasoline:
(1500CC - 2000CC - 2500CC ) Model Years...
for Mazda 2 2014 ~
for Mazda 3 2013 ~
for Mazda 3 2019 ~
for Mazda 6 2014 ~
for Mazda MX-5 2016 ~
for Mazda CX-3 2014 ~
for Mazda CX-30 2020 ~
for Mazda CX-5 2013 ~
for Scion iA 2016 ~ 2018 (Mazda made only).
for Toyota Yaris 2019 ~ (Mazda made only).

So IF you are looking for a Wrench Tool CAP to Remove the small 1WPE-14-302 Oil Filter when it comes to replacing I can confirm the Toyota listed unit fits perfectly, available from eBay and other on-line sites and is Not Expensive.
It's part number is called a H901, 14 flats, 64.5mm and is less than $5.00...click on blue.
From eBay

NOTE: While many owners will sometimes install what they believe are a better alternative Oil Filter because it is 'what brand I used before', or is a 'larger capacity oil filter', PLEASE DO NOT install and or use just any OIL Filter which is not Mazda tested.
Simple reason is there has been many cases where 'a' different brand Oil Filter installed and owner then gets dash warning CEL lights and DTC's
(Diagnostic Trouble Codes) because these 'other' oil filters are not up to Mazda Specifications.

Anyway here are pics I personally took of the Genuine Mazda replacement Oil Filter and the H901 Removal Tool Cap Wrench.
These filters are very small, but the Cap fits very snugly on the Oil Filter casing and it's 14 flutes.





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The TURBO Skyactiv Gasoline Engines uses a different Part Numbered Genuine Oil Filter.
New Part Number is 1WPY-14-302
These Oil Filters were also changed from the Original PY8W-14-302 to 1WPY-14-302
While new 1WPY appears to have 14 Flute Flats I can not confirm 100% that this Cap Wrench listed above will work as it should, I am almost certain it will as these Turbo Oil Filters are slightly LONGER in size and no larger in Diameter than the 1WPE-14-302 listed details above.

For the 2500CC TURBO Engine used..
for Mazda 6 2018 ~
for Mazda CX-5 2019 ~
for Mazda CX-9 2016 ~

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Wondering where you got the H901 tool? I have a sheet metal version.... and it fits both the Mazda Thai-made filter - 65mm / 14 flute... and the Honda Civic EX (1996 - 2000) same-sized filter. I note, however, that it is a loose fit... and I improve the fit by a single layer of file-folder around the filter.... where the flutes are. That is a PITA. I tried another brand of cup wrench... and the same was evident. Mebe that H901 is a proper fit, as you intimate?

Note that the OEM Toyko Roki filters are 66mm... said cup wrench did not, of course, fit.

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Thanks for the information ASH8, but do you have similar information for the diesel models?
Now my car is out of (extended) warranty I am thinking about doing the oil changes myself.
I have the Skyactiv D-150 engine.

Would be grateful for any information
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