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Hello everybody.
Guys, please advise me in two questions:

Mazda 3, 2 L, 165 hp.
1. Soon 30000 km maintenance, now the killometrage is 29,500 km. The oil is now slightly less than half on the dipstick between the maximum and the minimum, which means that 600 ml has gone for almost 15,000 km. Is this normal in our cars?
Everywhere everything is dry. I drive mostly calm, but in my city there are many long lifts.

2. Coolant, at a minimum in the expansion tank, was refilled by the dealer about 3000 km ago, around 300 grammes, after refilling it became slightly above the minimum (about 0.5 cm), now again at a minimum. No sweats, everything is clean, the master said that this is normal, can evaporate.
I just don't understand where it can evaporate, it's a closed system, it could be that the engine gets some coolant and burns it (which is very bad) or there is somewhere to flow, but everything is dry.
In Israel it is very hot last time, for 30 - 35 C', the problem can be in hot weather?
How are these things in your cars?
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