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Kinda new here, and idk if this has been asked before, so if it has I apologize.

I have a 2011 Mazda 3i sedan. Right now I have 17" wheels on 22540r17 tires. I don't know the offset or anything because the car was my dad's before mine and he didn't really keep any record of that stuff. When he got the wheels for that car, he wanted 18's but they said that an axle extension would be needed for it to not rub.
Now, after reading through this page for a while, and doing research elsewhere, it sounds like that's completely false.
The wheels I'm looking at getting are Avid1 AV6, 18x8+35. Would these fit fine? I don't plan on lowering the car for a while, unless I happen upon the money for coilovers, but I do at some point plan on getting coilovers. Would they still fit with 1-1.5" of drop?

Again, sorry if this is a redundant post, I've seen some posts with genuine te37's but I'm not going to have the money for them any time soon. Thanks to any who respond
2041 - 2041 of 2041 Posts
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