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Mazda3Revolution Forum Rules:

General Rules

Below are some simple rules and guidelines that you are required to know and obey as a member of the Mazda3Revolution.com Forums. We require these rules for the security and status of the board and for your own safety. Your cooperation with these rules will help us keep the board a fun place to visit. Please visit us often as we enjoy your presence and input. Mazda3Revolution does not take any responsibility for member's actions. The views expressed by members of this website do not necessarily express the views of Mazda3Revolution.com.

By viewing our forums you agree to the rules set forth by Mazda3Revolution staff.

Do not post your or others personal information (phone numbers) especially IP addresses. Apart from anything else, this is for board security and your security. Of course this does not include posting your e-mail/homepage address.

Any harassment of other members will not be tolerated. Name calling, picking fights,bashing, etc. Do not make posts that incite arguments, or any post that turns to arguments and flame wars, etc. Posts of this nature will not be tolerated and can result in the immediate closing or deletion and the banishment of the original posting members account. Any insults or harassments towards staff will result in instant banishment.

When a post is locked or deleted or when member account is suspended and/or banned, it is for a justified reason. DO NOT make another post in continuation of the locked/deleted posts or your account is subject to being banned. Do NOT make a new post demanding explanation of why a post was locked or deleted. If you would like explanation of why a post was closed or deleted, feel free to PM a moderator.

Do not post any meaningless, or any posts that is a waste of server resources and bandwidth. These type of posts are not allowed and will result in your post count being set to zero and the possibility your account being suspended.

It is also a good idea to avoid double posts wherever possible. Instead of posting twice in a row in the same thread, please just edit your first post to include the information.

Please use the search function before posting or asking a question. It is a much more efficient and quicker way of getting your question answered. Another reason is to reduce the amount of duplicate posts and to conserve some server space.

This or any "not work safe" material is strictly prohibited. Posting, requesting, linking to, and/or trading of such will lead to being banned. There are also borderline sites and/or pictures which we choose to ban; if you post one of these, the post will be deleted, do not repeat this action or you will be banned. If you find a thread that contains pornography, it should be reported to one of the moderators by private messaging.
*New Rule as of Feb. 1, 2008 : all avatars and signatures must be work apprioriate, absolutey no pornography is allowed, if rule is broken, warning will be given and restrictions will be made.*

The forum has members from many various backgrounds. People's religion, race, political beliefs, age, sexual preference, etc., vary immensely. Please be mature and caring towards others. Offenders will receive one warning only and failure to comply after that will result in being banned. If you have a personal problem with someone on the forum resolve it by private messaging. - NOT on this board or posting in the forum. Mazda3Revolution.com will not tolerate abuse (e.g. racial slurs, etc.) of another member.

Do not post the same or similar thread in multiple forums. This waste server space and is ridiculous. Post your thread in one place only. It will be seen. Also please refrain from posts of a "spam" nature, e.g. posts for free iPods requiring other users to sign-up. Such threads/posts will be closed (or deleted) and the poster may be banned at a moderator's discretion. *New Rule as of Jan. 31, 2008* Anyone, who is reported spamming/abusing the PM system will be banned immediately!

Considering the real-time nature of our forum, it is impossible for us to review messages or confirm the validity of information posted. We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and are not responsible for the contents of any message. Discussions revolving graphically sexual situations, [promoted use of] drugs and/or drug paraphernalia, etc. will be deleted from the forum, so please refrain from such content. Forum content also includes language. Although there is an automatic filter that censors inappropriate/profane language, intentional attempts to bypass this filter will result in one warning and then a ban (Anything Goes forum is exempt). The language filter is implemented for a purpose, thus it should not be intentionally circumvented. Please use common sense when posting pictures. Nudity, gore, violent acts (and results thereof) amongst other images are not allowed.

Warnings are issued for misbehaviors or for violations of the above rules. These strikes carry on to all usernames of the same person. Same goes for banishment; when a person is banned, all of their existing usernames are banned as well. There are ways to track usernames of the same person.

11.) Zero Post Count
All new members who do not post in the forums within the first 7 days will have their accounts deleted. This is designed to conserve server space and resources for other, active members. A great way to use your first post is by introducing yourself in the New Member Introduction forum!

12.) Classifieds
It is the policy of Mazda3Revolution to permanently ban any member who after a brief investigation is believed to be scamming another member out of money or goods. All for sale transactions must have a thread in the appropriate forum. This policy is to ensure that scam claims are not made when there is no public evidence of the item for sale through the public forum.

The For Sale forum rules are in place to curb scamming and help avoid people with no standing in the community from perpetrating a scam. The ability to use the For Sale forum is a privilege not a right. Any person accused of scamming another member will be given ample time to respond to the claim and/or rectify the situation. All decisions to ban a member from this site will be final.

This policy is intended to help protect the members of this site from being defrauded. This policy is only to identify those who have taken money and never delivered a product. This is an identifiable criminal act and it is those members we wish to remove.

We will not arbitrate disagreements over condition of product upon arrival or any such matters. Any help provided by the staff in these matters is done so at the sole discretion of said moderator.

If your post within a thread is found to have no value to the thread it may be deleted and depending on the situation you may be warned.

If you are going to use this site, take the time to create a proper for-sale thread. Do not just paste a link to another webpage such as ebay or copy and paste from another add. If you do this your thread will be deleted.

When creating a for sale ad, please add a picture of the actual item and make sure it also shows your forum username and the date that you posted the ad (typically written on a piece of paper placed next to the item when photographing). This way it proves that you have the item that you are attempting to sale and it is not a scam.

Mazda3Revolution is in no way responsible for any transaction that takes place through this site.

13.) Meet Rules
Our meets are designed to have a family atmosphere. Any member should be able to bring their whole family to enjoy the company without fear of worrying about the police or other members that feel they must prove themselves in a parking lot.

If you are on the forums, and feel the need to act in an unsafe manner during any of our meets, you WILL BE BANNED, no IF ands or BUTS. Next time you come around to a meet, you will not be welcome to stay.


14.) Posting Attachments and Links
New member accounts are restricted and no new member will be able to edit posts or post links or attachments before their post count reaches 5.

Mazda3Revolution.com reserves the right to change these rules at any time and the staff's word is final.

If these rules are broken Staff members have the right to ban at anytime. Please consider these rules your warning as to we need to keep the site in a safe and user friendly operation. Ignorance will not be tolerated as an excuse.

If you receive an e-mail/private message from a "Moderator" addressing behavioral issues please don't take it as a personal attack. The Staff are here to assist with making this site run smoothly and this means from time to time Staff may offer corrective suggestions and/or advice.

Image Sizes

We are going to start encouraging members to adhere to maximum size limits in their avatars and their signatures.

Avatars are not mandatory, but they do help members distinquish your profile and posts from other ones on the forums. It is composed of a small graphic or animation below your forum name to the left of every post. You are alotted a maximum size limit of 125x125 pixels for your avatar. You can have them animated if you would like. BMPs, GIFs, and JPEGs are usually the standard picture types allowed for uploading. Please make sure it is not offense to others browsing the forums and obviously no X-rated content. We will delete the avatar if we have received complaints on them or we feel it is not suitable for public forum viewing. Basically, as long as clothes cover up the 'risque' views of the human body, regardless of how skimpy they are, you are probably fine.

The signature can tell everyone a lot about you and thus are a huge centerpiece of these forums. We encourage everyone to create a unique banner, graphic, or text that informs others of your car, yourself, or anything else worth noting. Upcoming meets are also a great use for signatures. The maximum size limit for this area is generally 150x600 (height x width) for a signature graphic. This does not include a line of text or emoticon you wish to have above and below the graphic. Animated ones are again allowed here, but keep in mind the longer or more animations in the graphic, the longer pages may load for users who are viewing posts. Keep in mind we will be monitoring the content and size of the signatures you put in place, and will modify them to ahere to the limits noted here.

We will not ban anyone permanantely for ill-advised use of the profiles (unless they specifically attack the forums, it's members or staff) , but could lock the ability for you to create ones in the future.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read and familiarize yourself with our forum rules, policies and guidelines.

In addition, please read through this, the general terms of service that are the rules set by the owners of this forum:
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The Mazda3Revolution Staff
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