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Non OEM Roof Rack

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Just wanted to check if people here have non OEM roof racks and how they like them. I don't particularly like the look of the OEM ones (~$300), even though they do seem to be much cheaper than non OEM options (~$500). I think roof racks with the crossbar going past the towers just look much better.

The one I'm considering is the Yakima skyline with the aero bars, which also has a higher load capacity of 165 lbs.. OEM is 100 lb I believe
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*** I tried to post a photo of my roof rack, but I have not yet proven my worth in the forum... imagine a gray metallic Mazda3 hatch with black cross-bars and a wind fairing *** :laugh2:
If you upload it to Imgur or another similar photoshare website and PM me the link I'll upload it for you so he can get an idea on what it looks like. Plus I'm a little curious about a roof rack myself. I have one of my Mk4 Jetta GLI and I loved it.
The roof rack in quesiton

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