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Does it bug you that your power windows and door lock/unlock button don't light up

  • Yes, it bugs me

    Votes: 152 71.0%
  • Meh, I could take it or leave it

    Votes: 41 19.2%
  • No, doesn't really bug me

    Votes: 21 9.8%

Non-Lit Power Window/Door Lock Switches

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Ok all. Without getting into details, simple poll here: Does it bug you that your Power window switches and lock/unlock button don't light up at night? I've found myself fiddling around down there many times.

EDIT: I started the Transplant from a Mazda6 panel and I'm transplanting the translucent switches to the Mazda3 panel. Proceed to Page 2, post 17 to see the excitement.
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It does bug me, not because of the convenience factor, but because it reminds me how Mazda is always trying to cheap out like with their paint, interior lighting, 4 window auto roll, rear seat vents, etc.
Not to derail this thread, but here's why Mazda opted to go AquaTech Paint System....

MAZDA: Mazda's unique paint technologies | Other Technologies
:popcorn: :popcorn:
This is Oscar-worthy..& we're not even halfway thru yet.....:)
Dayummmmm.....hats off, my good bud!!!! Salute!!!!
This deserves to be christened The Chazzy Mod. Can any of the moderators add to the thread's title?
Top-notch work there, bud.:)
Tasteful mods done right & patiently there. Can't wait for winter to pass & see your plans completed, @Chazzy J sir!!!!:)
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Here it is guys. The finished product. First pic is non lit, second pic is lit in the light, third pic is lit in dim light.

I replaced the drivers side switch with one that didn't say "auto" on it. I think it looks a little cleaner.

Just waiting on USPS to deliver my t-tap connectors and it'll be installed in the car. We can bring this project to a close!

And no, the lock/unlock button is not blue as shown in the second pic. No idea why my camera did that. The 3rd pic does have accurate colors
Whoah!!!! Superb work, @Chazzy J. Just awesome!!!! Hats off!!!!
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@Chazzy J, can you please ship your car over when you're finally bored w/ it? Haha...The top spec'd M3 should've been like this! Great job, bud!!!!
I remain in awe @Chazzy J, for while I have done hundreds of mods in my life and built our own house, I have never done a mod anything like this, have never even held a dremel in my hand.

Your mod rocks!
+1 on the Chazzy Mod!!!!!
Oh, I dint know there was no lock/unlock button in NA 3s. Wonder what the reason behind is.
Haha, no no M. All NA models have a lock/unlock button. I was referring to other pictures I was researching from different markets around the world -- sorry for the confusion.

:beerchug 1:
Hahaha...got lost for a while there, bud.:)
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