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Does it bug you that your power windows and door lock/unlock button don't light up

  • Yes, it bugs me

    Votes: 152 71.0%
  • Meh, I could take it or leave it

    Votes: 41 19.2%
  • No, doesn't really bug me

    Votes: 21 9.8%

Non-Lit Power Window/Door Lock Switches

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Ok all. Without getting into details, simple poll here: Does it bug you that your Power window switches and lock/unlock button don't light up at night? I've found myself fiddling around down there many times.

EDIT: I started the Transplant from a Mazda6 panel and I'm transplanting the translucent switches to the Mazda3 panel. Proceed to Page 2, post 17 to see the excitement.
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Since I do not yet have my Mazda 3, can not say it bugs me, but one of my other cars has all lit switches, all of the windows express up and down, and the car lock/unlock switch is lit too. So nice at night. My other car only has the "night time Braille" method, and I find hitting the wrong switches a pain.

@Chazzy J, I am looking forward to what you are coming up with!
Impressive surgery @Chazzy J!
@Chazzy J, I am beyond impressed with your skill, smarts and your dexterity!

BTW, Johns Hopkins University just called, for they are looking for a micro-surgeon for their artificial intelligence team. I gave them your name.
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@Chazzy J, total respect for you following through on your commitment that all your mods "It's Gotta Look OEM." Wow, this mod has sure been a labor of love on your part. We admire your incredible work and skill on this one. Going to make your future mods seem like child's play.

Thank you!
I remain in awe @Chazzy J, for while I have done hundreds of mods in my life and built our own house, I have never done a mod anything like this, have never even held a dremel in my hand.

Your mod rocks!
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