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Hi all,

I am quite confused by this weird noise I am getting from my Mazda 3 (model 2017), wondering if any of you have any suggestions

My car is right hand drive, and whenever I turn right quickly, I can hear this sound seems coming from the passenger aircon vent/behind glovebox area. A bit hard to describe by word but the sound is like swooshhhh (something brushing over something lightly or something rolling), or some air vent hissing out gas. It also happen slightly when I go over bumps.

Not sure if I'm getting too sensitive, but after discovering the above sound, I kinda feel the car is a bit vibrating when idle at traffic light in neutral (it's a manual model)

Anyone got any idea? I am suspecting if it's the aircon drain blocked? But there's no flooding in the passenger side yet, not sure how to check.

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