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I broke my clutch foot about a month ago and am just now starting to drive my Speed 3. The first time was yesterday morning and the battery was dead. I normally ride with my wife to work, but I had been invited to a meeting with admins so we had to go separately. In a panic to not be late, I grabbed the battery out of my Honda Del Sol (not really driveable at the moment) and tried to use it. This caused all kinds of issues, including melting a part of the wire near the battery and blowing fuses.

In short, I goofed big time.

I've got everything back in working order except I have no sound (the radio itself functions). The 30 amp Bose fuse was blown and it instantly blows every time I try to replace it. I've seen where people have dead speakers due to amplifier issues, but the fuse blowing doesn't seem to come up. Could it also be a ground wire? If so, where should I start looking?

I'm really disheartened by the whole thing and any help would be appreciated.
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