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Hi all, I just bought my 2nd mazda, a 2015 mazda 3 sedan with the base (not bose :wink2:) radio, no touchscreen either. I want to upgrade the whole audio system. I don't know much about audio but I used to be a mechanic, so at least I'm comfortable with removing trim

I'd like some input on what I'm about to buy, if I'm forgetting something and if you have done something similar yourself and have any tips.

Here is a list of what I intend to do/buy (sorry not allowed to post links):
Phase 1 (very soon):
  • Front speakers: Rockford Fosgate R1675-S R1 Prime 6.75"
  • Rear speakers: Rockford Fosgate R1675X2 Prime 6.75"
  • Metra speaker brackets (free with the speakers on crutchfield)
At this point I'll be powering the speakers with the OEM unit through the factory wiring.
I don't think any harm can be done to either the unit or the speakers from having unmatched wattage (no idea what the OEM unit puts out), tell me if I'm wrong.

Phase 2 (a few weeks after phase 1):
  • PAC AOEM-MAZ2 (Apparently fits in the head unit's hole)
  • Pioneer Gm-D1004 4-channel amp (hopefully that'll fit too)
  • Dynamat in doors (is it really worth the money or am I just paying for the brand name?)
  • Speaker wire, I still have to do some homework there. 14 gauge? What brand? Different from home speaker wires?
  • Power wires, fuse etc.
I'm not sure how to route the speaker wires from the head unit to the footwells, all the info is hidden in multiple never-ending threads, I got a little bit lost.

Phase 3 (in a few months, unless I'm already very happy with the setup so far)
  • Pioneer GM-D8601 Mono amp
  • 2x Rockford Fosgate P1S4-12 4Ω
  • More dynamat in the trunk
  • RCA and power wires to the trunk, on different sides of the car
  • Capacitor?
  • Homemade sealed subwoofer enclosure (3/4" plywood,~2 cu ft. filled with Poly-fil), I'm counting on velcro and tight fit (height) to keep it in place.
  • Carpet for the enclosure, how to match with factory trunk carpet?
  • Either summing wires or a second amp? Let me know if you have any ideas here, there's no way I'll plug the subs to only 1 channel.

I apologize if some of the questions I've asked have already been discussed, I've searched the forum as much as I could and this is what was left unanswered. Thanks for reading all that! I hope to get some feedback.
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