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Hi my name is Alon
I own 2016 Mazda 3 two litter engine premium pluse .

I have a few question I thought you might be able to assist me. If you can send links or reply here that will be great.

1. I ?tried to install android on my multimedia system. I follow the guide and used MZD AIO 2.7.0
I compiled it to flash usb drive.
Most changes like the background adding speedometer make the screen touchable while moving everything is working.
?just when i try to open the android auto
I get the error Linux screen. See attached.
I wonder if someone can pour some lights on this. I kind of confused I see there is a Mazda connect app is it need to be installed on my phone or on the car?
Do I need MZD app on my phone?
Does my phone need to be connected to the car with USB? Bluetooth? Hotspot?

2. I have leather seats, can I buy an heating unit and install it in my car?

3. I read here something that we can change the curse control to adaptive curse control?

4. Can I change the car break assist up to 80kmh as the new model? Mine do that up to 30 kmh,
also the steering wheel correction, can I add it?

5. Remote start. Can I add it to my car?

Thanks guys! I really appreciate it.
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