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Figured I'd go ahead and post my introduction thread (after months of lurking/reading info before I purchased). Grabbed a 2015 Black S Grand Touring 6spd Mazda 3 after I decided my 350 awhp MS6 had seen enough and It was time to let her down easy.

Definitely miss the power and turbo, but I like the fuel economy and versatility of the hatch (If they hadn't stopped the WRX hatch, I'd honestly have one of those right now)

Already got a Ultimate Racing axleback to put on, and I'm expecting to put a KN Typhoon and probably end up with OVT 93 tune. Or I may not put anything else on other than the exhaust..... who knows. I know the exhaust and intake don't add any real power, I just want it for the noise. If I gotta drive a slower car, I might as well make sure I sound good doing it

Look forward to participating more in the forums and just general shit posting
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