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New to me 3. Have rust concerns. Help pls.

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I’ve only had this car for a little bit over a year. And I love it so much. ‘18 Hatchback. I noticed these two spots that seem to be rusting. Can I fix this myself? I want to keep my car for a long time.

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small spots like that you can absolutely fix yourself. the only question is how good do you want it to look? are you going to be satisfied with touch up paint or do you want perfection?

perfection IS obtainable yourself but this takes a lot of practice. hell, i'm still working on that and i've been tinkering with this stuff for well over 10 years.

if you're just looking for stopping rust, here's my method:
  • first you need to remove that rust. ALL of it. this will mean removing a little surrounding paint. a wire brush wheel on a drill can make quick work of that.
  • apply some rust converting gel to the CLEAN metal. this will get any bits you can't see.
  • wet sand surrounding paint with 800 grit to make smooth. wipe off.
  • clean with a grease and wax remover solvent. let it dry.
  • clean with a tack cloth
  • apply your touch up paint.

amazon is actually a decent place to get touch up paint. you do not want the useless paint pens, bottle and brush at minimum. although this method will stop rust it is not as strong as factory paint. you will have to keep an eye on this and repeat as necessary. making it look good involves a lot of sanding, primer/paint/clearcoat with an airbrush, and then polishing that to blend it in. it's a lot of work and has a lot of potential to go wrong if you are inexperienced.
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We dealt with bit smaller spots on my friend's Civic using a touch up paint. Update us
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