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I'm new here, I'm from the Philippines and I have a CX-5. It was bought December of 2013, but registration says 2014, anyway, it's the 2.5L AWD, the DRL is halogen (not white LED), AT (not the straight-line stick, it's the one with the zigzag route stick), I have the LCD for radio, it still has 2 knobs on each side, unlike the new one's where the knob is below the shift stick. I don't have Navigation.

The reason I stated all of these is so the reader would know which model I have.

What I would like to do, need help with is, how to reprogram the radio, so I could set it to automatically lock the car when car hits a certain speed. And enable the "find my car" function where I could press my remote and make the car's horn go off. and also, if possible, to use the remote to lock all doors while engine is running, this is useful whenever I need to pick something up and do not want to turn the engine off anymore.

I have done some searching but could not find anything useful. Some guides would say, these settings are on the radio, but mine does not give the option to auto-lock/unlock, the option is not there. I idea is the firmware is old, and I have to update it, and I've found a thread where it's being discussed

h t t p://mazda3revolution.com/forums/2014-2017-mazda-3-skyactiv-audio-electronics/180578-mazda-mzd-connect-firmware-downloads-updated.h t m l

but the one for my country is no longer available and also I'm not sure if I'm in the correct path.

what is TomTom? TomTom is for navigation right? so if your car has navigation, your radio is TomTom?

what's the regular LCD radio then? MZD connect? infotainment?

please point me to the correct direction, any help is appreciated

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