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Hi everyone,

im from Malaysia. just purchased my 1st Ever Mazda a month ago. (2016 Mazda 3 pregvc Auto)
this is my second car after a 15 years journey with my trusty old Toyota Vios or Scion for you guys in the states.
Hopefully it runs as good as the toyota as i actually almost got myself another Toyota in the form of an ALTIS.

Love this car and excited to be part of this community!
so far
Clocked 2k Km on it. (yes very low daily commute)
tinted it
wax it (though sadly my car paint is full of orange peel from factory) still thinking of buying a polisher and DIY the orange peel myself**still learning from youtube and webs:wink2:)

ill not be posting my car pix as its just plain old factory car with no mods wutsoever.

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Welcome lego22!

Best of luck with your new beauty. Suggestion, if you are going to teach yourself polishing, the keys are:

For a novice, use a dual action/random orbital polisher

Start with a mild pad with mild polish, see if that works, if that doesn't work, only then try a more abrasive pad/polish -- for the last thing any of us wants to do is to go through the clear coat.

I have seen brand new Porsches and even more high end cars with orange peel, so be realistic in your goals.
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