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  • Houston, TX
  • First Mazda
  • First small sporty car
  • Toyota 4Runner heavily modified for offroad - Self-built
  • Won't ever sell the 4Runner, needed a DD so bought the car
  • This car is inexpensive yet sporty performance enough for me, good on gas mileage
  • Probably won't mod this thing off the bat, interested but no time and it's stock performance is ok for now (2 kids will be in the back when I don't drive the 4Runner to work so puts the damper on driving like I'm 16 again.)

Anyway, glad to be here and hope I don't get on anybodies nerves, just always remember, lol, I'm not used to small cars, I'm used to everything 4Runner so... I do however know how to use the search button at the top of the screen so at least I won't ask it if it's been asked before and I can find it.


What the heck is this emoticon doing? -> :wank:

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Welcome to the forum !
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