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New Owner: 2018 Mazda 3 50th anniversary edition

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Hello, I'm from Canada and just bought a brand new 2018 Mazda 3 50th Anniversary edition (CAN) in Snowflake White Pearl. :grin2:

Although this is not my first Mazda it has been a very one time since I last owned one. About 30 years ago and it was a B series that tried to kill me twice. (Although I did help it along quite a bit)

I currently still have a Ford Focus, a Subaru, and a Volvo. I drive a lot of k's and need a car with good gas mileage, is comfortable and not to boring to drive. I heard a lot about the Skyactiv tech and was sold on the driving dynamics and leather seats.

5.7L / 100km on my first drive. ( 41 MPG)
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Yes, please tell us. Seems we've been deprived here in the States and elsewhere.
MazdaCanada only thing. Mazda was first formally introduced to the North American market in 1968 in Canada. The US won't see the 50th anniversary of Mazda North American Operations for two years.

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